Page models

Learn about the 3 page models in Contentful — pages, blogs and events.

3 basic page models

There are 3 basic page models in Contentful. These page models are the containers that you add your content blocks to and that determine the structure of the page on the website. There are 3 page containers:

  • Page
  • Blogs
  • Events

If you create a page descendant under the pages 'He Tohu' or 'Schools' it will display slightly differently from other pages. See below for basic wireframes of the page models.

Page container

Create a page by using the content type 'page'.

Page container on National Library pages

Structure of page descendant under 'He Tohu' or 'Schools' pages

Page container on He Tohu or schools pages

Blog container

Create a blog page by using the content type 'BlogPage'.


Events container

Still being developed