Content model basics

What are content models and how do we use them — includes naming conventions, formatting with markdown, finding content and publishing content.

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Content models — what are they?
Reusing content blocks
Naming content models
WYSIWYG editor
Formatting content with markdown
Content block 50,000 maximum number of characters

Content models — what are they?

Contentful content models are used to create webpages. They are the components that make up the features on our webpages.

Examples include:

  • column blocks
  • content block
  • feature card
  • feature card gallery.

To see all the content models have a look at the content types on the right-hand side of the 'Content' tab in contentful.

For information about how to create a content type look at the contentful component library.

Contentful component library

Reusing content blocks

Contentful is designed so you can reuse content blocks on webpages. When you are creating a page you will always get the option to create a new entry and link it to the page or you can link to existing entries.

This flexibility means that you can easily change the same content on multiple pages by only changing one content block. For example, if you have a content block about opening hours on a number of pages you only need to change the content block for all the pages to be updated.

Naming content models

Our general approach to naming content blocks is to give them the same name as the page they are on.

Doing this means when you search you get all the content in a list that belongs to a particular page.

For example, this page is called 'Contentful model basics' and this content block is also called 'Contentful model basics'.

WYSIWYG editor

Many of the content blocks have a WYSIWYG editor that you can use to format your content easily.

Formatting on the editor includes:

  • headings
  • bold
  • italics
  • blockquotes
  • lists - ordered and unordered
  • links
  • strikethrough
  • horizontal rule
  • embedding external content
  • insert a table
  • add media (images and audio)

Formatting content with markdown

Contentful uses markdown to create content rather than HTML.

You can either use the WYSIWYG editor or use the markdown markup. There is a link to a markdown cheatsheet at the bottom of all the content blocks in Contentful.

markdown formatting help

The Contentful knowledgebase also has some markdown information.

Contentful knowledgebase — markdown

Publishing content

Webpages in contentful are made of components of content, for example, a page will have 3 or 4 content blocks on it.

You can view all the draft content in the preview environment while you are designing the page.

When you are ready to publish the page publish all the page elements and then publish the page. If you don't publish a page element you will not see it on the National Libary website.

Create a webpage

Content block — 50,000 maximum number of characters

The maximum number of characters you can add to a content block is 50,000.

If you need to add more content to the page you can add another content block.