Page image

You can add an image to a page. Images on a page are designed to fill the width of the page.

How to add a full width image to a page

Full width images can be added to content blocks. In the content block:

  • select 'insert media'
    • to add a new image to the site — select 'add new media and link' and upload the image, or
    • to use an existing image — select 'link existing media' and find the image you want to use.
  • Add the alt text to the image in the [...] after the exclaimation mark.
  • Add your caption by typing it where you want it.
  • To add links — select your linking text and use the wysiwig to add the link. If it is a link to a to a page on the National Library website use a relative link.

Example of alt text, captions and linking markdown

image -alt-text-caption
Markdown for image of Alexander Turnbull that is under the heading 'Image on a page example'.

Publish the image

New images need to be published so they show up on a published page.

  • Find the image in the media library and publish it.
  • In the media library add a description use the alt text you put on the page. This will be the default alt text if the image is used on a feature card or feature card gallery.

Image on a page example

Alexander Turnbull in a very formal photo
My caption goes here ...and a link Aerial view of Wellington, taken 5 August 1953 by Whites Aviation. Record 23047835 I could add a rights statement and link here. CC-BY-NC. And non-italics And BOLD

Another Image follows

This is another caption with a link to Schools