Find out how to add images to the website. You can add images to pages and feature cards.

File name convention for images

Follow the following conventions for naming image files.

  • Before you upload the image give it a descriptive name, for example, people-reading-books
  • File names are in lower case with hypens between the words, for example, image-file-name-is-lower-case-with-hyphens

How to create good filenames for your web pages

Image sizes — this is a work in progress

Image Size Example
Full width on a page 744px wide Example on collections pages
Feature image — Natlib 874px x 220px Example the reading rooms
Feature image He Tohu — About section 762px x 387px A declaration: He Whakaputanga
Feature image He Tohu — Learning section 762px x 360px Teaching resources
Feature card landscape image 400px x 200px Example the research guides
Feature card square image 300px x 300px Example the Turnbull Gallery
Feature card curiousity card 400px x 400px Example curiousity cards for inquiry
Full screen image curiousity card 850px x 850px Example Māori bartering with Joseph Banks (TMCC3)
Homepage - From the blog 277 px wide or 277px x 130px Natlib homepage


| Feature image — S2S | Cell | |
| Feature image — He Tohu | Cell | |
| Full screen image | Cell | |
| Feature card | Cell | |