Use columns to structure information on a page in interesting ways

How to add columns to a page

Use the columns content block to add columns to a page. Columns can contain content blocks, feature cards or Embedly items (currently YouTube videos or Google Maps).

Column display options

There are several different useful display options.


The title can be removed from the page using the radio button at the bottom of the content model. The default option is on.

Number of columns

Chose 2-4 column layout options. If 4 columns are chosen the side navigation does not display. View the National Library Collections page to see this in action.

Spacing between

This is a required field and controls the spacing between columns

Content elements

Add a content block for each column in the model. You can add content blocks and feature cards and use all of their normal features. You can also add more column blocks to nest content.

Examples of pages with columns

Three column block with title displaying

Content block inside a column

This is the content in the first content block in my demonstration three column block.

The other two columns show a feature card and a content block with an embedded Google map.