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All images need alt text. Adding alt text to images is different depending on if you are adding an image to a page or to a feature card, feature card gallery or feature image.

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How to add alt text
Image on a page — alt text
Feature card, feature gallery and page feature image — alt text
Examples of alt text in action
All images need alt text

How to add alt text

The website has images on pages and also on feature cards and page feature. Alt text is added differently for each of these:

  • images on pages — alt text is added on the page
  • feature cards and page feature images — alt text is created from the image description

See below for how to add alt text depending on where you are adding an image.

Image on a page — alt text

Add the alt text to the image in the [...] after the exclaimation mark.

Here is an example of how to create alt text for an image on a page

This alt text applies only to this page. If you use the same image on another page you can create different alt text for it.

Check in the media library that the image you are using has a description. The description wil be used as alt text onn feature cards, feature galleries and page features.

If the image description is changed it will change the alt text everywhere that image is used on a feature card, feature gallery or page feature.

If you use the image on a page you can update the alt text as described above. It won't affect the alt text on the image where it has been used on a feature card.

Examples of alt text

Here are some examples of alt text, the text in red, on feature cards in a feature card gallery.

Four images in a column with the alt text displaying.
Example of alt text. The alt text is in the red box.

All images need alt text

Images must have alternative text (or alt text) to describe the information or function of the image.

Alt text appears to the user when:

  • images are disabled or fail to load
  • screen reader or text-to-speech software is used

If you include images you must create alt text.

Different types of images have different alt text requirements. You can use an alt text decision tree to help you work out what kind of alt text you need.

Alt text decision tree