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The Library will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday, 30 March and 2 April.

We are open as usual on Saturday. Have a good weekend!

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Spectacular combination dive at the National Swimming Club Pool in Cairo
I'm not sure how this is going to work. There are divers on each level. #tbreaktweets

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Sung by Oscar Natzka.

A recently digitised gem from New Zealand’s musical past.

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Lilburn Research Fellowship 2019

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Apply for the Lilburn Fellowship

The Lilburn Trust, in association with the Alexander Turnbull Library, is delighted to invite applications for the Lilburn Research Fellowship.

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Look after special items

Learn how to take care of your precious photographs, books, and digital documents with advice from the National Preservation Office.


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Get National Library materials sent to your local library by making an interloan request.

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Turning knowledge into value: this is the National Library's strategic direction to 2030.

See how we're aiming for big changes in taonga, knowledge, and reading.

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T is for Tumblr

Printed T from a tourism poster

Turnbull Ephemera

Beautiful and unique posters, prints, and other materials from daily life.

Turnbull Rare Books

Gorgeous manuscripts, intricate fine printing, and other wonderful objects.

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Detail of Light output chart, 1970

Build new things

Data sets and API access to metadata for millions of records. Grab it and see what you can make!

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