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2018 school lending service

The main changes to the 2018 Services to Schools' lending service are as follows:

  1. A whole-school resource loan, made up of resources to support inquiry and reading engagement, will be available to all schools 4 times over the year (i.e. once per term). Each whole-school resource loan will be issued for one term.
  2. The ordering process allows more flexibility so that loans can be tailored to a school’s particular needs. Within the order process, schools can:
    • choose the mix of inquiry and/or reading engagement books
    • indicate the number of students the request supports
    • ask for a reading engagement ‘top-up’ of great books, matched to the school’s profile.
  3. For term 1 2018, we will trial an anytime title request service for all schools.
  4. Schools can access more books over the full year compared to 2017.

Our aim is to dispatch all loans within 20 working days.

Schools and home educators need to be registered with Services to Schools to access our lending service. Each school can nominate up to 2 loan coordinators. Schools do not need to re-register if already registered. Home educators need to register annually.

Lending service

Whole-school resource loan

To provide greater flexibility for schools, we’ve replaced the separate inquiry and reading engagement loans with one simple ‘whole-school resource loan’.

Whole-school resource loans are designed to support both the development of inquiry learning and reading for pleasure by supplementing your school’s local resources.

Key features of whole-school resource loans

  • Your school can request one whole-school resource loan each term, and resources are issued for one term.
  • Your school can decide how you mix inquiry and reading engagement requests within your whole-school resource loan.
  • For each of your inquiry or reading engagement requests, you’ll need to tell us how many students it supports. We’ll use this information when we put together your loan to make the most of your school’s total allocation.
  • We’ve added an optional reading engagement ‘top up’. Just choose the top-up size you want, and our librarians will use your school profile to put together a selection of great books for you. Asking for a reading engagement top-up doesn’t affect your whole-school resource loan allocation.
  • You're welcome to use the National Library books issued for term 4 over the summer holidays to support your school’s summer reading initiatives.
  • We’ve increased the total number of books your school can access over the year (compared to 2017).

2018 ordering time frame and due dates for whole-school loans

Term Loan order period Due date (for return)
1 23 November 2017 to 2 March 2018 13 April 2018
2 3 March to 18 May 6 July
3 19 May to 10 August 28 September
4 11 August to 2 November 15 February 2019

Who can borrow, what you can borrow

Anytime title requests — term one 2018 trial

Anytime title requests let schools request a specific title at any time to meet their students’ needs.

These specific requests have been available to secondary and composite schools (previously known as individual item requests) for 2 years.

To offer greater flexibility for schools, we are extending this service to all schools on a trial basis in term 1 2018.

Key features of anytime title requests

  • All primary, secondary and composite schools can choose specific titles from our Schools Collection.
  • Secondary and composite schools can also borrow from the National Library’s Wellington General Collection and Wellington New Zealand and Pacific Collection — the online anytime title request form includes a search function to help you.
  • There will be no limit on the number of anytime title requests your school can make throughout the trial period. However, we encourage you to do the bulk of your ordering through the whole-school resource loan.

We also have great digital resources available, including our Topic Explorer service, and we encourage you to include these in your resource planning.

Topic Explorer

At the end of the trial period, the National Library will assess whether the anytime request service becomes a permanent offer for all schools or will remain available for secondary and composite schools only.

Request a specific book — anytime title requests

Loans for home educators

There is no change to the existing service for home educators.

Home educators — how to borrow our books


If you have any questions about placing a loan request for 2018: