Inquiry learning in the classroom

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Discover the benefits of inquiry learning and effective approaches for use in your school. Explore how your school library can support inquiry learning with a range of resources and services.


Inquiry wordcloud

Understanding inquiry learning Inquiry learning benefits students and teachers, and can be used across the curriculum. By encouraging deep understanding of a chosen topic, students learn how to learn and gain skills they need to become learners for life.

Planning an inquiry

Approaches to inquiry learning There are many inquiry learning strategies and approaches. In particular, guided inquiry provides a framework for collaboration between teachers and library staff to support students through their inquiry-based learning.

Inquiry resources from the library

School libraries and inquiry learning Find out how the school library is uniquely placed to play a key role in supporting inquiry in your school.

Services to Schools' inquiry exemplar

Exemplars and guides to support inquiry learning Resources of all kinds play a vital role in inquiry learning. Our exemplars and other guides offer ways to inspire and inform inquiry learning in your school.