Slides documenting the Baptist Mission in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea, 1971-1973

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Clingan, Jill M, 1942-

A collection of slides from Papua New Guinea taken by Jill Clingan. The images document her time in Papua New Guinea working as a nurse for the Australian Baptist Mission from 1971-1973. The images cover several aspects of her life in the Western Highlands in Papua New Guinea , including the mission station, her work as a nurse, the hospital, clinic visits, daily living, gardens, food and cooking, aspects of traditional Papua New Guinea culture and celebrations including sing-sings, Christmas, health surveys and visits to other nearby missions.

Places visited include Baiyer valley, Baiyer river, Southern Highalnds, Kiwinkia, Giimanda, Mt. Hagen, Wewak, Lumusa gorge, Wahgi Valley, Kudjip, Giimanda, Madang, Kar Kar Island, Ramu Valley, Ramu River, Lae.

Image list:

AU PMB PHOTO 33-001 "1. Looking down into Baiyer valley from Rugli pass"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-002 "2. Afternoon sun from Rugli pass"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-003 "3. Afternoon sun from Rugli pass"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-004 "4. Drakalinga, in Baiyer valley"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-005 "5. Baiyer station and Tropanda mountain late afternoon - from air."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-006 "6. The track to our house - midday."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-007 "7. Our house, afternoon sun and Baiyer valley"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-008 "8. Our house (Whitehouse) - rain in the valley"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-009 "9. Baiyer valley - from our house."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-010 "10. Baiyer valley from halfway up the hill between our place and the hospital"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-011 "11. Our garden and Baiyer valley, early morning"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-012 "12. Our garden and Baiyer valley"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-013 "13. Our garden and Baiyer valley, early morning"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-014 "14. Our lawn and nurses hostel - Jukuna mountain enveloped in morning cloud"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-015 "15. Pastor Wiya's (hospital chaplain) haus kuk from our back porch in afternoon. Pineapple garden in foreground"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-016 "16. Our house - and Sue."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-017 "17. Joseph sing-singing"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-018 "18. Enga toddler - sing-sing gear. Doctor boys' houses behind, and Tropanda mountain."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-019 "19. Jenny Kelyowa."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-020 "20. Susannah - adopted daughter of Mini and Kinde from S.H.D. Wesleyan mission."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-021 "21. Susannah beside doctor boys' housing of bush materials. Note clean and orderly grounds"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-022 "22. Tibia Endeya (wife of doctor boy from S.H.D.) and Kaisa.

AU PMB PHOTO 33-023 "23. On way to Lumusa. This lady has a billum at the back - loaded with food from her garden"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-024 "24. Stripping ?pandanus leaves to make string. ?Sisal"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-025 "25. Kyanju - Territorial Nurse (Theatre sister here). Ad. Put on board by teacher and Winyi, for school children's sing-sing at Winyi that day"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-026 "26. The Tinsley hospital - front - morning"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-027 "27. Tinsley hospital, from Admin. building."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-028 "28. Path through the hospital from near clinic house. Clinic for bubs on left. Stephen riding his bike whilst Judy trying to pack"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-029 "29. Tralimbuwa, M.C.H. clinic staff nurse, with daughter Agnes - weighing a baby in clinic house at the hospital"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-030 "30. Path to the house leper"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-031 "31. Same view looking across front lawn - taken from Intermediate Ward window. Shadow of Operating Theatre on left (see 32)" [not digitized]

AU PMB PHOTO 33-032 "32. Looking S.E. from hospital front lawn - top of steep hill leading down to our house, seen through bamboo. Clouds still in valley"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-033 "33. Administration, Paramedical, Theatre and Intermediate Ward - looking across to Doctor's house and garden, 1." [

AU PMB PHOTO 33-034 "34. Pharmacy, Ward 1 and Eileen's office."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-035 "35. Wards 3,4, Side Rooms, Fixing underground water tank pump" [

AU PMB PHOTO 33-036 "36. Morning cleaning. Jill with new brooms for wards"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-037 "37. Ward 3 beds - the second daily scrub for bed bugs"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-038 "38. Patient's cook house, Siki's store behind"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-039 "39. Inside the patients' "Haus kuk""

AU PMB PHOTO 33-040 "40. Rainbow about 5:30pm - Tropanda mountain with sun on it, just to right. John Clark and I were typing store order sheers and ran outside to get this. (Another flop.) John is a med student (N.Z.), his wife Mary a nurse. Both worked here for about 3 months over Christmas."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-041 "41. Sunlight and rainbow - Tropanda mountain from hospital."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-042 "42. Just an experiment - closer to 6pm. Looking across valley from hospital"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-043 "43. Across the valley again, from Judy and Cliff's balcony"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-044 "44. Jukuna, from the hospital."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-045 "45. Jukuna is somewhere at the top, but over another ridge. I have only been about 3/4 way up this mountain. (We couldn't be bothered going on in the rain) This taken from Judy and Cliff's balcony, 4:45pm"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-046 "46. Taken outside Cliff's house, looking towards Jukuna again. This is the Baiyer road - air strip just down the end. Taken close to 5pm"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-047 "47. Christmas play at the hospital. Pepesa and ? Michael. Epale narrating."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-048 "48. Christmas play at the hospital."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-049 "49. Finale - Christmas play."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-050 "50. Nurses and doctor boys. Christmas play written and produced by Sue"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-051 "51. Maisie Tomkins, Eileen Tucker, Sue Stark, Jill Clingan (the 4 sisters) - Graduation day."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-052 "52. Doctor boys and nurses on graduation day and Maisie, Eileen, Sue and Jill, Cliff"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-053 "53. Eileen & Lulu andNomeng, Beni, Kaisa and Pimi. Graduation day."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-054 "54. Women sharing out cucumbers on hospital lawn"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-055 "55. Wash time - grounds of hospital"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-056 "56. Elizabeth and John - sorting samples in x-ray room"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-057 "57. John Clark, trying to make Minyakasawa eat his milk ball"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-058 "58. Patient with angina and C.C.F. being brought to hospital on stretcher of bamboo poles and vines. Jack Lalyowa with ukulele"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-059 "59. Outpatients verandah - many visitors about for combined villages' sports day"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-060 "60. Me in theatre"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-061 "61. Taking Gipwa back to the ward (from Theatre)"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-062 "62. Ward 3. - ?Apeyanda (asthmatic)"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-063 "63. Admiring a new baby - Ward 1. Lali standing there"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-064 "62. Poko, Michael, John Mark,. C.H.N., Pepesa, ?Wasuwa C.H.N., Mini. Anami, Arthur, Henry, Wilfred, Tonam. Absent: Matthias - sick, Wenis - Lapalama)"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-065 "65. Doctor boys bandaging"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-066 "66. Doctor boys practising bandaging."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-067 "67. Doctor boys' houses. Arthur going home from lectures"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-068 "Karr (Magu) and Pyane giving medicines ward 4. Lali in background."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-069 "Ducks - children's ward."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-070 "Paintings (Monkeys) I did for chn's ward"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-071 "Paintings (Chooks) I did for chn's ward"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-072 "Painting (Pigs) I did for chn's ward"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-073 "Traliyame Lindya and Katherine (outside matron's office). Was chaperone to student nurses on duty at hospital. (had died when I went back in 1999)

AU PMB PHOTO 33-074 "New addition to the hospital (voluntary labour) for secretary's office, medical records, outpatients, hosp. clerks, intermediate ward andintensive care."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-075 "New signboard. Painted by me."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-076 "Hospital Siki and A.P.O Koeya preparing ground oven on morning of Eileen's farewell. Bungs also held for various church celebrations."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-077 "Traliyame washing chicken gibbets, on morning of preparation for Eileen's bung."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-078 "Some of the kaukau being lifted from the mumu. (Also had taro, bananas, pig, chicken, lamb, tinned meat, rice, tea, mouli juice.)"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-079 "Scaling out the food at Eileen's farewell bung (behind doctor-boys' schoolroom."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-080 "Mr Lord, Graham Paulson, Maisie, Sue, Eileen, Judy and Malcom, (Richard behind), Cliff and Stephen. Siki's house behind."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-081 "Eileen Tucker - guest of honour (and Delsie Guy and Mrs Lord) at farewell."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-082 "Eileen & some Aid Post Orderlies at farewell. Tralyoko, Mamando, Emeke I, Koeya (andLuke), ?, ?, Kyapale (laboratory orderly). Masuwa, Trangipu (pharmacy orderly), ?"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-083 "Sue and Bev near office door."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-084 "Judy and Cliff Smith (doctor) with Malcom and Stephen, in their garden at Baiyer River."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-085 "Manos and Traleyas on mission airstrip, Saturday morning. The BIG sing-sing."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-086 "Sing-sing at Council House (to commemorate opening of new council house)"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-087 "Nuy [Nyi] - Paraka's father. Very important man in the tribe, indicated by long string of bamboos (representing amount of shells owned). Western Highlands PNG. Kyaka Enga."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-088 "Sing-sing at Council House."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-089 "Kewakali (trained Territorial nurse), and husband of Tralimbuwa. Western Highlands PNG. Kyaka Enga."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-090 "Mountain slope leading up to Jukuna. Big sing-sing."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-091 "Yellow Bird of Paradise feathers."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-092 "Some of the Kyakinyi tribe. Note Bird of Paradise feathers (yellow). Western Highlands PNG. Kyaka Enga."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-093 "Emeke - Laboratory assistant. Western Highlands PNG. Kyaka Enga."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-094 "Father of Truminji (head teacher of the Primary T. School at Baiyer). Western Highlands PNG. Kyaka Enga."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-095 "The BIG Sing-sing - on the move." The "mad man" ran in front from side to side of the area, with his spear held horizontally to push spectators back out of the way of the stampede.

AU PMB PHOTO 33-096 "After Pidjin Service - Kumbwareta (Baiyer)."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-097 "Church at Kumbwareta (our church) - for Pidgin, Kyaka and English services). Volley ball field this side, football field other side."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-098 "Lyn and Pam Holland. Cliff and Stephen late leaving on way to Sunday Sch. after Pidgin service."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-099 "Sunday School at Conference Time."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-100 "Sunday School picnic at Winyi. (Older kids at swimming hole were further downstream.)"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-101 "Tali (fair-headed New Guinean), daughter of Endeya - doctor boy from Wesleyan Methodist Mission in ? Southern Highlands."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-102 "Giimanda - boxing day. Sunday school classes after church service. After this we went back into the "convention" building (grass roof on left) for communion. The church is at far end - iron roof."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-103 "Inside clinic house at Giimanda. Empty billums during church service. Note hollowed log, which is pounded with heavy stick to call mothers to clinic (once a month clinics.) (The girls roared laughing when I suggested that the babies hang here!)"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-104 "Inside the pastor's house at Giimanda."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-105 "Giimanda village - school in background."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-106 "Opening of Baptist Bible School (ie new building), Kwinkia. Taken from roof of Kongoe's house."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-107 "Opening of Baptist Bible School, Kwinkia - 12th June, 1971."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-108 "Keeping the flies off the food. It is still wrapped in green leaves and ferns."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-109 "Kemborapusa convention - Easter Saturday. Joyce and Beth."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-110 "Kemborapusa Baptisms."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-111 "Making their way back up the track from the baptismal pool."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-111a "Kemborapusa Baptisms"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-112 "Food being distributed at Kemongale pre-baptismal feast."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-113 "Candidates for baptism, with Pastor Sai (left) and another pastor leading them. Note the umbrellas - owned by Engas, and the thick, shady bamboo."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-114 "Baptisms at Kumbwareta (local name for Baiyer church & community). (Just down in the hollow from Manning's house). In 1972 there was a severe drought - the old men foretold it. I "scaled" brown rice & sold mackerel

AU PMB PHOTO 33-115 "Sunday morning - end of conference."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-116 ""Soap Opera" again. Geoff Holland, Mike Chanbers and Judy Bower, representing the "fish heads". Mr McFarland, J.D. Williams and Tony Cupit."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-117 "Jim Thomson doing his lunch (Helen was in Australia.)"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-118 "Mr and Mrs Lord, Mr McFarland (a "fish head")"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-119 "Picnic"

AU PMB PHOTO 33-120 "Robyn and Stephanie at picnic."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-121 "Many village people going somewhere in a hurry - possibly to Trambemai patrol post at time of tribal land dispute between Miki's and Wisinyi's. The road outside the hospital."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-122 "Sports day at Baiyer - an annual event for surrounding villages, organised by the churches. Note our church in the background. Hospital is over the road (to the right)."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-123 "Returning home with part of a bride price exchange. (on footpath opposite the church)."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-124 "Some of the bride price items - close up. Moon-lip shells, pigs. (Money would also be included. Eg. several hundreds of $'s). This taken on road outside Judy and Cliff's house. Airstrip down end of this road, Jukuna mountain at back."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-125 "These people were just a few bringing up the rear. Many loads of kunei grass passed by our window, so I ran home for my camera. This grass was for roofing new nurses' schoolroom (it is now completed). Part of Highlands Highway. Note power machine fuel drum. Outpatients is just opposite - ie, to left of picture."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-126 "Stacking the kunei grass - note building frame of classroom. This is down the end of the path that goes through the hospital. The clinic house is on the other side of the path (for Mum's benefit). (ie grass roof in background)."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-127 "Nearly lunchtime. Workers are knocking off. N.B. Even women help with cutting and carting the grass. Also, the villages have a roster system for keeping hospital grounds tidy."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-128 "Flattening out the bamboo with a hammer, on a flat stone - preparing for weaving "pit pit" walls for schoolroom (hospital)."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-129 "Weaving the walls."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-130 "Waiting for the Duke, Dragalinga."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-131 "The Duke's plane."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-132 "Duke talking to Nola and the kids. ie. Nola Crawford, teacher of A-school - mostly missionaries' kids."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-133 "Nurses and doctor boys, Ina and myself."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-134 "Everyone."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-135 Missing

AU PMB PHOTO 33-136 "The long walk home."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-137 "On the way to Elyanda clinic. Doctor Boys: Pyata (in LandRover), Arthur, Ipara."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-138 "Pyata and his mother - her house at Manduwasa, on way to Elyanda clinic."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-139 "Arthur. On way to Elyanda clinic - overlooking Marmanda: just to right. Lapalama is way over the other side of these mountains."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-140 "Fred trying to get a difficult child into the billum for scaling (weighing)."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-141 "Children at Kemborapusa clinic."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-142 "Intended to be a typical picture of "me holding a pikinini." Elyanda clinic."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-143 "Looking down Baiyer valley from road to Tropanda."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-144 "Baiyer Gorge and mission station from Tropanda road."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-145 "Tropanda clinic - Sue (andNance and Johan visiting - Also John Stace and Richard Coleman came)."

AU PMB PHOTO 33-146 "Kaisa Lyepa and Eineke doing B.C.G's - Tropanda. Richard Coleman and John Stace behind."

Born in Sydney, Australia, Jill Clingan was a Baptist missionary, nurse, painter, linguist and anthropologist in Sydney, Canberra, and the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea.

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