Totalisator Agency Board (TAB): Photographs, chiefly those taken at a farewell for retiring TAB General Manager Clarence Grange

Spencer Digby Studios; Woolf, Ronald D, 1930-1987; S P Andrew Ltd; Leicagraph Studio (Wellington, N.Z.); Atkins & Finney (Firm); New Zealand. Totalisator Agency Board

Photographs relating to and collected by the Totalisator Agency Board (TAB), taken between 1950s and 1970s by various photographers.


Photos taken at the farewell party for Mr C.H Grange retiring general manager 17.09.1958 taken by Lexicography Studios and bookshop, Wellington. 59 general group shots (interior views) of people celebrating.

People identified: Mr Braithwaite, R Farler, D Lock, Mrs L Currie, K Lewis, C Grange, R Wheeler, R Bender, Mrs Wilson, R Savery, J Heaton, E Mc Padden, Mrs M Cassells, L J Mitchell, Mr and Mrs Le Petit, Mrs Turnbull, Mrs Grwin, G Candy, Mr Smythe, F Ellis, G Watson, Miss Tristram, Miss Mc Kennan, L Warr, W Spring, Mrs McLennan, Mrs Reddell, A H Lawrence, H S Lundy, E Laner, Mrs G O'Brien, F Massey, D O'Shea, Hon Matherson, Mrs Webster, Miss B McGregor, D Grey, J Evans, Mrs A Bone, Mrs J Curtis, Mrs Wade, J E Ellis, J Knight, B Hatton, J Haydon, A McKinnon, A H Laurence, E Mackey, Mr and Mrs Dodge, K Mc Gregor, L Summers, M F James, J Cunningham, Mr N.H Chapman, Mrs Dalgety, A Munro, V Wallis Stevenson, A Mc Beath, E Collins, Mrs M Nelson, Mr G Nelson, M Spiers, Mrs Downes, F E Henderson, Mrs Smith, H E Landy, L E Smith, Miss Hayes, J Hine, J Kean, Barber, K Davis, Mrs Hutchens, Mr L Poff, Miss Hayden, K Shaw, K Walters, W Davis, G Honey Fuler, J Fickling, K Hutton, F J Dean, J Keenan, B Weller, W Jones, E. Lane, J. Middlemiss, D Shea, M Speirs, Miss Gregan, Mrs Summers (Nee Thompson), B Hutton,W Veitch, R Tait, J Honeyfield.


Three photos of the Chairman of the TAB from Australia and New Zealand and other officials. Also includes envelope and two letters. Photos taken by Norman. L. Danvers photography, Sydney.


One photo of an exterior view of cottage that was demolished when T.A.B head office was built.


Photo of staff inside a meeting room taken by S.P Andrew Studio, Wellington.

1971 - 1973

Three group portraits of board members from the Totalisator Agency Board, taken by R.D. Woolf, Spencer Digby Studio. People identified: G.C. Cruickshank, M.B. Smythe, W.A.H Thompson, E.W.J Collins, N.A. Thomson, R.M. Lewis. H.H. Smith, R.A. White, R.J. Rolfe, O. Hutchinson, A.E. Laing, C.B.E. (Vice-Chairman), T.G. Keogh, J.B. Steel, J.A.L. Bennett, W.G. Quirk, M.B.E, R.J. Gilbert, E.W. J. Collins, R.A. Whyte, H.G Callam, R.M. Lewis.

Undated ca 1960

Typed pamphlet with two photos depicting staff collating and processing betting figures. Photos taken by Atkinson and Finney Commercial Illustrator.

Undated: ca 1970

Portrait (interior group shot) of the Seventh Conference of Chief Executives of Off-Course Totalisator Organizations. People identified: J.O Matthews (A.C.T), M.J Shegog (A.C.T), J.P Robertson (N.S.W), H.D Cox (Q'Land), J Mackay (South Africa), A.R Neilson (Tas), H.H Jarman (W.A), W Segal (South Africa), M.C Sexton (S.A), E.W.J. Collins (N.Z.), J Horowitz (South Africa), Mrs F.M Mc Conville (A.C.T), J.A. Rutter (Vic.), A.C. Christie (South Africa). Also includes signed note from the Australian Capital Territory Totalizator Agency Board.

Arrangement: Arranged in to chronological order and re housed, original groupings maintained.

Quantity: 69 b&w original photographic print(s). 1 b&w copy photographic print(s).

Physical Description: Photographs, two typed letters, one typed pamphlet, three envelopes with handwritten notes.

Provenance: Donated by the New Zealand Racing Board, 2010

Transfers: From Manuscripts & Archives - From Manuscripts & Archives - Photographs, letters and documents transferred from MS-Group-1950.

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69 b&w original photographic print(s), 1 b&w copy photographic print(s), Photographs, Photographs, two typed letters, one typed pamphlet, three envelopes with handwritten notes.
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