Correspondence - Taranaki-Wylie

Auckland Provincial Patriotic Council; Campbell, Owen Neil, 1882-1958; Conway, Albert Edward, 1891-1974; Cowdrey, J H, active 1941-1960; Dittmer, J F, active 1941; Federal Union for World Government; Fraser, Peter (Rt Hon), 1884-1950; Hamilton, Adam, 1880-1952; Herangi, Te Kirihaehae Te Puea (Princess), 1883-1952; Jones, Frederick Nelson, 1881-1962; Massey, Helen Sissons Douglas, 1898-1965; Massey, John Norman, 1885-1964; Mead, Owen Herbert, 1892-1942; Nash, Walter (Sir), 1882-1968; New Zealand Farmers' Union. Auckland Province. Donnelly's Crossing Branch; New Zealand National Party. Marsden Electorate; New Zealand Union Airways Ltd; Officer, Ernest Leslie, active 1941-1953; Rennison, H, active 1941; Skeates & White Ltd; Streit, Clarence K, active 1941; Stuart, Bathia Howie, 1893-1987; Taranaki Māori Trust Board; Taylor, Laurie Andrew, 1887-1978; Telford, Rongo Edward Norman, 1901-1983; Tennant, K B (Mrs), active 1941; Totich, John Mark, 1882-1957; Treadwell, Charles Archibald Lawrance, 1889-1966; Trimmer, Ralph, active 1941; Tripe, Richard Edward, 1906-1968; Tripp, Leonard Owen Howard, 1862-1957; Tweed, Martin Baird Moore (Dr), 1890-1974; Union Steam Ship Company of New Zealand Ltd; Usmar, K L, active 1934-1940s; Vercoe, Henry Te Reiwhati, 1884-1962; Waite, Frederick, 1885-1952; Walsh, George A, active 1941; Watson, George, active 1941; Wedgwood-Holmes, Harold, active 1941; White, Charles Gilbert, 1880-1966; White, George M, active 1941; White, William Kinross, 1855?-1948; Willingdon, Marie Freeman-Thomas, Marchioness of, 1875-1960; Wilson, John Frederick Cracroft, 1898-1975; Wilson, N E, active 1941; Withers, Trevor S, active 1940-1945; Wray, Cecil J, active 1903-1941; Wylie, W C (Lieutenant), active 1941

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Language - Correspondence with Princess Te Puea in Maori with translations

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Coates, Joseph Gordon, 1878-1943 : Papers / 5 Correspondence files
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