Heath, Eric Walmsley, 1923- :"Bet that dumb Kiwi cartoonist will be kicking himself for not charging!" '$42 billion jump in Queen's wealth through her art treasures.' "Hey Guys! it's a farewell to us - Wonder where she picked that up?" 1990?

Heath, Eric Walmsley, 1923-; Dominion (Newspaper)

Shows two of retainers looking at the Queen's pictures; one of the pictures is the cartoon drawn by Eric Heath on 16th February 1990 of the Queen performing a haka at the airport for a group of Maori just before she leaves New Zealand. One of the footmen comments that he bets that dumb Kiwi is kicking himself for not charging. At the edge of the cartoon, only partially visible, someone is swearing and pulling out his hair (presumably Eric Heath) The other footman holds a newspaper that says that the Queen's wealth has increased because of her art treasures.

The original cartoon, drawn on 16 February 1990, was given to the Queen - a photocopy is at B-143-018. A second cartoon (photocopies only) referring to the fire at Windsor Castle, is at B-143-020 and H-060-003. The original is probably at B-144-763/786 as is the original of this cartoon B-143-019.

Quantity: 1 cartoon bromide(s).

Physical Description: 1 bromide 135 x 180mm

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Heath, Eric, 1923- :Cartoons from the `Daily Smile' exhibition (1994-1996). [1970-1992]. / Heath, Eric, 1923- :Cartoons from the `Daily Smile' exhibition (1994-1996). [1970-1992].
1 cartoon bromide(s), Works of art, Photocopies, Cartoons (Commentary), 1 bromide 135 x 180mm, Orientation: Horizontal image
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