Scott, Tom, 1947- :Twenty cartoons published in the Evening Post between 1 and 30 April 1999.

Scott, Thomas Joseph, 1947-; Evening Post (Wellington, N.Z.)

Political cartoons.

Paralells between the Nazi ethnic cleansing of the Jews in the 1940's and the ethnic cleansing in Europe in the 1990's.

Shows Milosevic soaking in a blood bath to take his mind off the Nato bombing raids.

A Serbian soldier explains to the West via a reporter the reasons behind their present actions.

The electricity reforms continue to cost the consumer more.

The military invite refugees from Kosovo to return to their destroyed homes.

Milosevic is prepared to destroy Kosovo in order to save it.

Shows India testing a long-range nuclear missile off the back of a cow.

Shows Nato commander explaining their strategy of punishing Milosevic by bombing Serbia. This resulted in mass destruction of property and life but no direct harm to Milosevic.

New Zealand yachties receive large slaries but are not prepared to pay for weather data from Government Agencies.

Serbs use human shields to protect their forward tank movement.

Following sex scandals, the Scouts tighten up their screening of adult supervisors.

Helen Clark and Jenny Shipley fight over their respective attributes. They agree that women bring poise to politics even in an arguement.

Max Bradford gets the country into trouble over electricity reforms.

Minister of Tourism, Murray McCully, objects but does not intervene in large, secret and tax-free payouts to directors he forced to resign.

Comment on Anzac Day commemorations.

Shows two men in their respective backyards burning their Hurricanes supporters rugby gear, comment on another year where the Hurricanes have not played well.

Comment on Tau Henare's behaviour of holding onto his Cabinet position when his party, NZ First, pulled out of the National coalition government.

Minister of Tourism, Murray McCully, is encouraged to resign after a tourism related row adversely affects National's position in the polls.

A new flag for America with a hand holding a smoking gun.

Hillary Commission recommends 10 minutes of physical activity, three times a day for couch potatoes.

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