Various artists :[New Zealand, American and Australian bookplates collected by Johannes Andersen. 1800-1900s. Box 4]

1900 - 1950

Contains bookplates made by:

C T Nightingale. J R Hart, esq.

Ella Dwyer. Leslie Ripon Shield, 1931

G Carston Ford. George Charles Haite

J L Martin inv. R A Anderson. / G.L.H. 1932

G.L.H. R A Anderson (3 preliminary? variations on the previous plate)

Lionel Lindsay. Camden Morrisby. [1928]

Peter Scott [Christmas card design rather than bookplate]

A/U. Percy Neville Barnett (rooster)

A/U. Frank E Lane [1950s?]

A/U. Barbara Constance [Barnett] [1950s?]

A/U. Harrie P[ercival] Mortlock [1950s?]

A/U. John Drinkwater (1882-1937)

A/U. E B Millton (Lieut-Colonel E B Millton of Rangiora)[ca 1935?]

Hilda Wiseman. Warwick Ritchie Lawrence

A/U. T E Donne (shows Maori raised pataka). 1930s?

A/U. V.O. "Le roi est mort; vive le roi" (shows photograph of a moustached gentleman and a profile silhouette)

W S Percy. Violet Wakelin

W.G.W. Violet Wakelin

A/U. Burnham

A/U. Burnham Library Squirrel Inn. 1924

A/U. Squirrel Inn

Fred Booty. Charles Wilson. 1909

N S Watkins. John Gibson (man throwing an inkpot at the devil)

George D Perrottet. John Gibson [1934?]

Adrian Feint. John Gibson [1932?]

Marmaduke Matthews. W E Leicester

A/U. Clemence Dane

A/U. William R A Hays 1920

Franz von Bayros. William R A Hays

A/U. Thomas Rutherford Fleming

Mary Kathryn Burnham. Polytechnic Elementary School

A/U. Thomas James Wise (1859-1937)

A/U. Margaret Candy

A/U. Hazel Mills Prescott

Adrian Feint. Francis Clune [1931]

A/U. Dr Capper (beehive and bees)

Adrian Feint. Aeneas J McDonnell 1926

Adrian Feint. Aeneas J McDonnell (n.d.)

A H Moginie. Ada Eckford. 1930

A/U. George David Perrottet (seagull)

D A. Blaine Cordner (penguins)

V de S L. Scripps College. Ella Strong Denison Library. 1931

A S Paterson. Pat Lawlor

Percy Watts Rule. P Watts Rule (2 copies)

Elaine Coghlan. Elaine Coghlan 1931

A/U. Winward Prescott

A/U. Thomas Randolphe Adams

A/U. Richard N Adams

James S Houston. James S Houston 1933

A/U. Yale University Library in memory of William John Harpham 1933

Adrian Feint. Will Lawson 1930

A/U. Cleveland Public Library. Cleveland Ohio

A/U. Grace & Morris Milgram

A/U. Yale University Library. Thorne Collection

A/U. Yale University Library. James Fenimore cOOPER cOLLECTION 1930

A/U. Aldine Mary Lee Tregaskis

Hilda Wiseman. The Churchill auction of books and pictures, New Zealand 1942

A/U. Yale University Library. Conrad Memorial Library. Gift of George T Keating 1938

A/U. Yale University Library. Garvan Collection of books on Ireland. 1931

A/U. Yale University Library. Penniman Memorial Library of Education establ. 1884

A/U. Malmo Hogrelaroverk for Flickor Elevbiblioteket

A/U. In memory of R McNeil

Hilary Roy Clark. Eve Langley [ca 1937]

Complements the Andersen Bookplate Collection in the Auckland Public Library. Auckland's collection has a greater New Zealand content, whilst the Alexander Turnbull Library's collection, has more emphasis on Australian bookplates.

Quantity: 68 colour photo-mechanical print(s) (bookplates).

Physical Description: Prints, coloured, and black & white

Finding Aids: Handwritten inventory in Ephemera Room and Drawings& Prints..

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Various artists :[New Zealand and Australian bookplates collected by Johannes Andersen. 1800-1900s]. / Various artists :[New Zealand and Australian bookplates collected by Johannes Andersen. 1800-1900s].
68 colour photo-mechanical print(s) (bookplates), Bookplates, Engravings, Prints, coloured, and black & white, Orientation: Vertical image
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