Literary contributions of centennial Braille book

Israel, Sara, active 1939; Gordon, Mary, active 1939; Hall, David Oswald William, 1909-1971; Donaldson, Dorothy, 1908?-1938; Tahiwi, Kingi Te Ahoaho, 1883-1948; Rawlinson, Gloria Jasmine, 1918-1995; Luxford, J H, active 1940; Waldie, Alice J, active 1940; Mather, Jean H, active 1939; Huntington, R H, active 1939; Scanlan, Ellen Margaret, 1882-1968; Cowan, James, 1870-1943; Phillips, Enid Blanche Vivian, 1911-1967; Mander, Jane, 1877-1949; Perry, Charles Stuart, 1908-1982; Peacocke, Isabel Maud, 1881-1973; Wilkinson, Iris Guiver, 1906-1939; Shaw, J W, active 1940; Howes, Edith Annie, 1872-1954; Morton, Katherine Elizabeth, 1885-1968; Scott, Mary Edith, 1888-1979; Tennant, Winifred, active 1940; Guthrie-Smith, William Herbert, 1862-1940; Duff, Lois, active 1940; Bradwell, Eric, 1908-1988; Mulgan, Alan Edward, 1881-1962; Shelley, James (Sir), 1884-1961; Boyd, J M, active 1939

Contributions from a variety of writers. Includes `History of the Wellington Braille Club' by Sara Israel; and a foreword by J M Boyd

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Wellington Braille Club : Literary contributions of centennial braille book
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