Various artists :[New Zealand bookplates commissioned by persons whose names begin with L, collected by David Graham. 18-- - 1950s].

1900 - 1960
Berry, James, 1906-1979; Clark, Barbara, active 1933; Clark, Russell Stuart Cedric, 1905-1966; Clarke, Hilary, active 1930; Collins, Harold, 1885-1929; Fullwood, Henry, active 1938; Gibbings, Robert, 1889-1958; Glover, Thomas Ellis, 1891?-1938; Hipwell, Arthur Cecil, 1894-1964; Holloway, Ronald, 1909-2003; Hutton, John Campbell, 1906-1978; Little, David, active 1952; Lloyd, Constance Alice, 1895-1982; Lloyd, Trevor, 1863-1937; Minhinnick, Gordon Edward George (Sir), 1902-1992; Paterson, Alan Stuart, 1902-1968; Wiseman, Hilda Alexandra, 1894-1982

Arranged in boxes alphabetically according to the name of the person for whom the plate was made.

Contains plates made for:

D F Lagan (by Robert Gibbings, n.d.)

Geo Lambert (heraldic, artist and date unknown)

I E Landon Lane (by Barbara Clark)

Ferdinand Lang (ca 1937)

William James Mudie Larnach (heraldic, pre-1898)

T F Latham (by John Hutton, 1934)

Michael Lavelle (by Ron Holloway, ca 1941)

Alice Law Memorial Collection (by Ron Holloway, 1944)

P Anthony Lawlor (by Tom Glover, 1916)

Pat Lawlor (one by Russell Clark, one by Ron Holloway 1937, one by David Little (Austr.) 1952, and one by Gordon Minhinnick 1929)

Warwick Lawrence (two by Hilda Wiseman, 1934?)

Eric Lawson (printed, n.d.)

R Lawson (by Hilda Wiseman)

Will Lawson (by Henry Fullwood, 1930)

Lincoln Lee (by Hilary Clarke, 1930)

Mary Lee (by Harold Collins, 1909-13)

W E Leicester (by Marmaduke Matthews. 1934 or earlier)

Philip Levy (by James Berry, 1933)

Lewisham (by Hilda Wiseman, 1949?)

Alice Lloyd (by Connie Lloyd, 1929)

Connie Lloyd (two by herself, ca 1929)

Trevor Lloyd (three by himself, 1929)

Harold D London (one by Hilda Wiseman, 1958, and one by J L Martin, 1946)

R W Lowry (by Ron Holloway, 1932)

Dorothy E Lyon (by Hilda Wiseman, 1949)

Douglas F Lyons (by A C? Hipwell, 1930)

Quantity: 36 b&w art print(s) on bookplates..

Physical Description: Engravings, etchings

Provenance: Donated by David Graham in the 1950s.

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The Graham Bookplate Collection; bookplates collected by David H Graham. [1500-1950s] / Various artists: [New Zealand bookplates collected by David Graham. 18-- - 1950s].
36 b&w art print(s) on bookplates., Bookplates, Engravings, etchings
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