[Collection of books with labels from New Zealand bookshops, booksellers, stationers, circulating and lending libraries. 1860s?-1950].

Gibbs, Rowan William, 1947-

Includes labels for the following:

[Mrs?] Basche's Circulating Library Hawera. Subscription five shillings per quarter ... (Label stuck inside front cover of "The works of Flavius Josephus", translated by William Whiston 1873)

J H Bigelow Ltd, booksellers and stationers, Auckland NZ (small label stuck inside front cover of "Stories behind the world's great music", NY 1937)

Braithwaite's Circulating Library, corner of Fleet & High Streets. Joseph Braithwaite, Dunedin, established 1863 (label stuck to cover of "Antonina; or, the fall of Rome". The terms of subscription for this circulating library are stuck to the back cover, and partly effaced)

Chapman's Circulating Library. Five shillings per quarter. Queen Street, Auckland [1897?]. (Stuck on cover of "Phantasmata; or, Illusions and fanaticisms of protean forms productive of great evils" by R R Madden. London, 1857)

Charleston Public Library and Institute. Rules. (Stuck inside cover of Thomas de Qunicey's "Style and rhetoric", 1862)

Clark's Book Shop, 85a Molesworth Street Wellington (Rubber stamp only, inside cover of "The Thunderer" by E Barrington. With pencil note about Mrs Clark (nee Parsloe) inside front cover)

H H Driver's Popular Book Shop and Lending Library, 32 George Street, Dunedin (dust jacket? stuck to cover of "Dean Swift's works, with memoir, 19--)

Dunedin Athenaeum and Mechanics' Institute. Rules of Library 1881 (Label stuck inside cover of "Traits and stories of the Irish peasantry" by William Carleton. Also has faint rubber stamp on title page, and embossed stamp on cover)

Alf Fraser, bookseller, staioner and newsagent, Foxton (Very small blue label inside front cover of "Danesford" by Carter Harrison, 1891]

Gower's Book Exchange, 340 Tinakori Rd, Wellington (Label stuck to cover of "The confessions of a twentieth-century hobo" by "Digit" 1924. Also contains rubber stamp for Smith's Bookshop, 34 Mercer Street, Wellington, inside flyleaf)

Dave Griffin Bookseller, 53 Willis Street Wellington (Rubber stamp only) (inside "Lord Edward Fitzgerald" by M McD Bodkin, 1921)

J Hounsell, Bookseller and Stationer, Nelson, New Zealand (small label stuck inside front cover of M Tullius Cicero's, "Cato major sive De Senectute / Laelius sive De Amicitia, et Epistolae Selectae" 1874)

Modern Books, Dunedin (small bookseller's label stuck inside front cover of "Sons and lovers" by D H Lawrence, Heinemann, 1948)

Montague's Circulating Library, Princes Street. Subscription 2s6d per quarter (Label stuck inside front cover of "The world and the cloister" by Oswald John Simon, 1890)

New Zealand Tract & Book Society, for the diffusion of evangelical literature. Head depot 22 George Street, Dunedin, incorporated 1886 (Tipped inside ""The story of Benvenuto Cellini, the Italian goldsmith" by Mary & Elizabeth Kirby, 1883)

Paton & McMaster City Book Exchange and Lending Library, 618 Colombo St (Rubber stamps only) (inside "Pick-me-ups" by Nathaniel Gubbins, 1902)

J P Shand Ltd Circulating Library. 23 Manners Street Wellington (Label stuck to cover of "Mates" by Dugald Ferguson 1911. Also rubber stamp for Shand's inside)

A Simpson late J Hughes, bookseller Christchurch N.Z. (embossed stamp inside front cover of "Two years before the mast" by Richard Henry Dana, jr. Ward, Lock and Tyler, 19-?)

Edward Greaves Smith Music, book and stationery warehouse, Wellington (Small label inside cover of "The poets of Greece by Edwin Arnold")

Mrs Old Smith. Molesworth Street. The charge for reading this book is ... This book to be returned in seven days or 1d a day fine will be charged (Stuck inside empty cover of "Christmas books" by W M Thackeray)

South's Book Depot Limited (Label inside cover of "The bedside Esquire" edited by Arnold Gingrich, 1949)

L M Swan Fountain Pen Depot, Cuba Street Wellington (Small label stuck inside cover of "Self mastery through conscious autosuggestion" by Emile Coue, London 1922)

Veitch & Allan, 97, 99, & 101 Cuba Street, Wellington (small bookseller's label stuck inside front cover of "Robinson Crusoe" by Daniel Defoe, London & Glasgow, ca 1911?)

Whitcombe's. Buy a book a week. A Library in a year. On cover of French's Acting Edition of "A seat in the park", by Arthur Pinero. 1920s.

Quantity: 24 labels stuck into book covers.

Physical Description: Lithographs and photolithographs inside books.

Provenance: Donated by Rowan Gibbs in 2001.

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24 labels stuck into book covers, Ephemera, Lithographs and photolithographs inside books.
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