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Edwards, Arnot, active 1941-1952; Eiby, George Allison, 1918-1992; Ellis, L G (Dr), active 1950s; Enright, Claude John, 1912-1982; Fair, Andrew Peter Rasch, 1911-1977; Findlay, John Farquhar (Dr), 1918-2000; Fell, Howard Barraclough, 1917-1994; Fell, Irene, active 1950s; Flint, Eric William, 1900-1983; Glasgow, John, active 1938-1955; Glover, Denis James Matthews, 1912-1980; Graham, David Henry, 1885-1965; Gray, Arnold John, active 1952-1955; Grayland, Eugene Charles, 1916-1976; Duthie, Valerie Merle, 1924-1985; Grey, Alexander, 1919-2007; Norris, Hensleigh Carthew Marryat, 1893-1980; Hanlon, James Ogden, active 1943-1957; Hansen, Charles Edward Morbak, 1898-1982; Harper, Colin Webster, 1907-1982; Harrison, J A, active 1950s; Helm, Arthur Stanley, 1914-1998; Henley, James Cyril, 1913-1994; Hervey, Charles Russell, 1912-1993; Ilott, John Moody Albert (Sir), 1884-1973; Jones, Violet Markham, 1889-1994; Kingsley, William, -1962; Lawlor, Patrick Anthony, 1893-1979; Little, Keith Melvyn, 1894-1960; McCarthy, B (Mr), active 1951; McKenzie, William B, active 1952; McPherson, Brian, active 1956; McVicar, Colin Cameron, 1916-1987; Maling, Peter Bromley, 1912-2006

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