[Bookplates from the collection of James MacIntosh McCready. 1979-1995]

1979 - 1995
McCready, James McIntosh, 1923-

Includes bookplates (mainly if not all by James McCready) for:

1979: James MacIntosh McCready, by himself. 1979. Large b&w circular. Crest: a dexter hand couped erect holding a compass rose, with other shields including the Univeristy of Otago, Order of St Lazarus, New Zealand, Dunedin, Heraldry Society, and King's High School Dunedin.

1979: Christopher James (Kit) McCready / bookplate by Jim McCready. Colour plate.

1980: King's High School Library [Dunedin]

1981: Ernest Arthur Ockwell. Colour bookplate by Jim McCready

1984: Russell de la Cour. "Perfectio poscit constantia" (1 b&w plate)

1987: Iain William Boyd. F.H.S.N.Z. "Lucem e tenebris quaeres" (circular colour plate)

1988: Jim McCready, 1923-. Green and white plate by himself

1990: Jean Elizabeth Ballard. "Caring" - shows her membership of various organisations (F.U.W., Z.O.N.T.A., N.A.C.E.W., U.N.E.S.C.O., N.Z.C.E.R., Q.H.S., C.F.C., C.C., C.C.C.C., Y.W.C.A., O.B.E.)(2 plates, one in colour and one Blue and white)

1990: Robert de Joux (1 b&w and one colour)

1991: C J ("Kit") McCready. "Hold true" (coloured plate)

1992: Circular Christmas bookplate. "Hold true"

1993: Ledlie Alexander Stuart. Omne solum forti patria. Coloured and black and white copies

1994: Hold true; Resurrectus sum 1994. Bookplate by Jim McCready marking his quintuple coronary bypass

1995: Robert Gideon de Joux. "Wisdom & truth". Includes NAC wings logo.

1995: "Excelsior". Ex libris J M McCready 1995 (shows flag with rose compass).

Quantity: 18 colour photo-mechanical print(s).

Physical Description: Offset prints, sizes varying

Provenance: Donated 30 October 1995

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18 colour photo-mechanical print(s), Bookplates, Photolithographs, Offset prints, sizes varying, Orientation: Vertical image
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