Various artists :[Additional miscellaneous bookplates collected by Johannes Andersen. 1800-1900s. Box 10]

1900 - 1950

Contains bookplates made for:

Printed copies of plates, each mounted on stiff card: Howard, Joseph King, Daisy Levetus, Harold Chandler Kimball jnr, William Hogarth, Gervase Beckett, William Bruce Bannerman de Croydon, Harold May Elwood, Kirkpatrick, Kathleen Marie Leche, Aedes Christi in Academia Oxoniensi, Augustine Sargood, Robert Dalzell, Edward Harries, Clare Knowles, John Hinde Palmer, Duke of Westminster, William Hardy, House of Montaignac, White Star Line launch of SS Oceanic, David Hume, Thomas Gore

Euchi Hirose. Four colour plates, donated 13 March 1972

Trevor Lloyd. "A windy day"

Plate for Sir Robert Naunton (1563-1635) (Printed facsimile)

I Paul Rylands / WHR 1898

Ashton Underline, attorney at law

W Bruce Bannerman, FSA Scot. Pro patria

This book is to be sold by I Groenewegen & A vander Hoeck in the Strand

Graeme Harrison

George C Peachey / Will Foster 1899

John Stokes, M.D.

"The Capitol" by Don Swann (miniature print)

John Bertram Norris / B[?] McCrea 1929

Francis A Wilson / H C Abraham (Mangonui, Northland). [ca 1950-1952?] With accompanying letter from Frank Wilson

Marquess of Dufferin and Ava / Allan Wyon

J Winfred Spenceley

Greeting card designed by C Lawson, sent by Captain and Mrs Taprell Dorling, to Joseph Kinsey 1935.

Calendar for 1936 showing kookaburra design by Ethleen Palmer

J H E Schroeder / Alfred Cook ca 1929 (2 copies)

Envelope of unmarked miscellaneous bookplates for: Henry Francis Pelham, William Ridley Richardson, Sophie Florence Lothrop Hall Walker, Arthur Frederick Sharman Crawford, S Shannon Millin, Geo Burnett Newcastle, Robert B Finlay, A Edmund Fraser of Stratherrick, William Swanston 1900, Edward Clifton Brown, New Era Publishing Company, Captain Reed, Revd Hugh Bailye, A E Tonson, Royal Numismatic Society of New Zealand, H D Erskine of Cardross, Marmaduke Constable Maxwell, Marjorie H Mills, The Book Society, Tom Mills, Provincial Council Library Wellington, Edward King Tyler, Mary Blain 1942, William Snow, R W Edwards, Matt W Anderson St Petersburg, David Eugene Smith, Keith & Julie Campbell, Slesvighus Bogsamling, Wakefield Book Society 1848, Alfred Francis Barnard, Johannes C Andersen (by Ella Dwyer), John Reed, Arnold Brian Burrowes (by Tom Shepard), Philip Sydney Pierrepont Evenley Hall Northamptonshire, F J W Crowe.

Envelope of small heraldic plates, identified on verso, for: Revd Francis Robert Raines, Laurence Stupart Brown, William Erskine, William F Skene, Reginald A Parker, Woodhousdee, William Belcher Savannah, L Ross, James Manning, Beauchamp, Sir Thomas Hesketh Bt Rufford Hall Lancashire, Chetham-Strode, A R Blake, Alexander Campbell, Pierrepont Cromp, Charles Brown, Spring Casborne, Michael Bland, Thomas Grundy, Arthur Wakefield Chapman, William Everard, Lord Auckland, Sarah Eli Barnard, George grant Francis, Thomas William Carson, and several unnamed

Also contains a list of 128 bookplates by Adrian Feint, up to October 1933.

Quantity: 1 box(es) (leather-bound).

Physical Description: Prints, coloured, and black & white

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Various artists :[New Zealand and Australian bookplates collected by Johannes Andersen. 1800-1900s]. / Various artists :[New Zealand and Australian bookplates collected by Johannes Andersen. 1800-1900s].
1 box(es) (leather-bound), Bookplates, Engravings, Prints, coloured, and black & white, Orientation: Vertical image
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