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Set up WorldShare Interlibrary loan

New to WorldShare Interlibrary Loan (WorldShare ILL) or need a refresher? Use our guides to get set-up or to check if you have the recommended settings in place.

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1. Set-up interloans staff in WorldShare ILL

Set-up your interloan staff as users in WorldShare ILL within your library instance.


Key interloan staff member as indicated in the Directory of New Zealand Libraries.

Task to set-up interloans staff in WorldShare ILL

2. Set or update the policies directory

Set-up policies directory in WorldShare ILL including contacts, schedule public holidays and your library profile.


Key interloan staff member as indicated in the Directory of New Zealand Libraries (may include consultation with other interloan staff and library management).

Tasks to set or update the policies directory

Set up:

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3. Set up service configuration

Set up service configuration in WorldShare ILL, for example, library contacts you use regularly, borrower data, and lender charges. See the descriptions of service configurations below for other things you can set up.


Key interloan staff member (in consultation with other interloan staff and library management) as indicated in the Directory of New Zealand Libraries.

Tasks to set up service configuration

Set up:

Descriptions of service configurations

Service configurations include:

Custom holdings groups — custom holding groups are groups of preferred library contacts, for example, reciprocal lenders. To add libraries to a custom holdings group, you will need to know their OCLC symbols. The 'Library symbols information sheet' lists all Te Puna member libraries by symbol along with some commonly used custom groups.

Library symbols information sheet

Custom holding paths— Custom holding paths set the order in which your requests will go, for example, reciprocal libraries first, then libraries that will charge you.

Borrower constant data — borrower constant data pre-fill interloan request forms with standard borrower information, for example, postal address.

Lender constant data — lender constant data pre-fill interloan response forms with standard lender information, for example, lending charges, and return address.

Email alerts and print settings — notifications for incoming or unfilled interloan requests, configure book straps, stickers and shipping labels for lending requests.

4. Deeplinking

Deeplinking makes collections more visible and provides the user with more information, including whether the item is currently available.

Libraries can make interlibrary loaning easier by deeplinking into their catalogues from WorldCat.

If you would like to be deeplinked please email

In cases where deeplinking isn't possible (or preferred), you can add the date ranges for your serial holdings directly to WorldShare:

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OCLC support

Help resources are also available for WorldShare on the OCLC support pages.
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