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Create an EPIC account so you can see EPIC pricing and sub-licence agreements.

EPIC accounts — who can sign up?

You can only sign up for an EPIC account if you are an employee of a New Zealand based library and information service and are responsible for purchasing e-resources.

If you are a school looking for EPIC resources you do not need to join EPIC. A range of EPIC resources are freely available to all New Zealand schools through the Ministry of Education membership.

Is my Library eligible for EPIC?
EPIC for New Zealand schools

Create an EPIC account

We've described the process below.

Step 1 — Create an EPIC account

  • login with RealMe
    • use your existing RealMe login, or
    • create a RealMe login.
  • complete the form to create an EPIC account.

Step 2 — Email EPIC to authorise your account

To complete your registration you must email us, so we can authorise your account. Fill out the pre-populated email with your:

  • name
  • email
  • organisation
  • role, and
  • the type of library you work in.

We will let you know when the registration process is complete.

Once you have an authorised EPIC account you can access the EPIC pricing information and sub-licence agreements.

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