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What APNK offers

In consultation with the National Crisis Management Centre, the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, District and City Councils and the National Librarian the decision was made to turn off the APNK public Wi-Fi from 31 March until further notice.

This decision was made to support the Alert Level 4 restrictions of encouraging community members to stay in their bubble and not congregate at public libraries to access the Wi-Fi.

Aotearoa People’s Network Kaharoa (APNK) offers computer hardware and high-speed internet for New Zealand public libraries so that all New Zealanders can be connected online.

APNK key features

Key features of the APNK service are:


  • A high-speed internet connection (fibre, where available).
  • A managed network, with content filtering. The filter is updated every 2 hours.
  • One Wi-Fi Access Point (WAP) provided per library service location.
  • Capacity for the public to connect BYO devices to Wi-Fi.
  • APNK supports 24/7 Wi-Fi access; libraries can also choose from a list of options for reduced Wi-Fi operating hours.


  • Modern computer hardware using the Chrome operating system. Hardware is provided on a lease arrangement with a guaranteed technology refresh every 3 years.
  • Insurance cover for Chromebooks in case of accidental damage or theft.
  • Keyed security locks for desktop ChromeStations.
  • Ability for customers to attach headphones, webcams, and external drives to computers.
  • A4 printer with black-and-white and colour printing options.
  • A4 scanner option.

Systems and support

  • Web-app system to manage customer printing. This includes options to preview the print job and receive payment in advance of print release.
  • Computer booking queue system, for managing high demand.
  • Sign-in to computer sessions via either library membership number (for Kōtui libraries) or guest pass.
  • Accessibility options, for example, large-size text or text to speech.
  • Administration support provided by The National Library, including accounts processing, contract renewals, travel arrangements, and meeting minutes.
  • A constantly expanding catalogue of support documentation and resources available online.
  • 7-day service desk support from the specialist APNK team, via an 0800 number, email and an online service portal.

APNK Wi-Fi only option

A Wi-Fi only option is also available, which provides a managed and filtered internet and Wi-Fi infrastructure only. This option includes the features listed in the Internet heading above, as well as service desk support.

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