The He Tohu exhibition at the National Library will be open to the public on 27–29 December and 3–5 January from 10–2pm.

Come for our children’s tours of He Tohu at 11.30am–12pm and general guided experiences 12.30–1pm.

We’ll have a craft table and the shop, café and space will also be open.



He Tohu exhibition

Monday 25 December Closed
Tuesday 26 December Closed
Wednesday 27 December Open (10–2pm)
Thursday 28 December Open (10–2pm)
Friday 29 December Open (10–2pm)
Saturday 30 December Closed
Sunday 31 December Closed
Monday 1 January Closed
Tuesday 2 January Closed
Wednesday 3 January Open (10–2pm)
Thursday 4 January Open (10–2pm)
Friday 5 January Open (10–2pm)
Saturday 6 January Closed