General Lending Collection

The General Lending Collection supports the current information needs of all New Zealanders. It has a strong New Zealand and Pacific focus.

Most of the General Lending Collection is English language books covering all subjects. It also includes microforms and audio-visual material.

The second copy of legal deposit material is added to the collection.

The exception is children’s literature, which is added to the National Children's Collection.

Access items in this collection

Search for collections items, and then click the "Request to view" button on the item page, or make your request by contacting us. Items can be used in the Wellington Reading Room.

Get copies from items in this collection

Copies can be made from items in this collection if copying doesn’t breach copyright. Photocopiers, and printers for microfiche and microfilm readers are available for use in the Library's Reading Room.

More about making copies

More about copyright and privacy

Borrow items in this collection

You can borrow items from this collection by interloan through your local library. We lend to New Zealand and overseas libraries.

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