Charging policy

September 2006

The Statement of Charging Policy reflects the key principles contained in two all-of-government guideline documents.

Statement of Charging Policy

The National Library is funded by Government to respond to New Zealand's needs in library and information services, and to provide collection development and access services that require some form of government intervention. In respect of products and services that assist access to information, the National Library undertakes to ensure New Zealanders have the opportunity to find, on a self-help basis, the location of information held by the National Library, whether in person or online. Assistance will also be provided in the case of collections where specialist knowledge is required to locate information. These services will not be charged for.

Charging decisions for other products and services will be made according to the characteristics of the product or service concerned, and to the circumstances of the client group(s).

Decisions will be taken in accordance with principles articulated in the following all-of-government guideline documents:

The following key principles from the guidelines will be applied when charging decisions are made regarding any new services (subject to the goals and strategic objectives of the Library):

  • the product or service should be defensible as a core output
  • there should be no anti-competitive behaviours
  • where benefits can be isolated, costs should be borne by beneficiaries
  • where the production of the product or service is already fully-funded, costs should be limited to the costs of transformation and/or dissemination.