Feature Image: DigitalNZ API

DigitalNZ API

DigitalNZ makes New Zealand digital content easier to find, share and use by bringing together the descriptive information (metadata) about the collections of over 150 organisations into one place. You can search across these collections with DigitalNZ search and, importantly, you can also build things with the collection metadata using the DigitalNZ API.

Accessing data through the API

This data can be accessed through the DigitalNZ API. You can use the API to search across the likes of titles, descriptions, dates, and creators of the material, as well as requesting thumbnails and the full metadata record for each item.

Using the DigitalNZ API, including documentation and code samples

When using the API, you can choose to restrict it to a single source, such as Papers Past, the Library’s digitised newspapers.

Terms of use

Metadata available through the DigitalNZ API has been licensed for use by its owners, and API access has some restrictions, such as not sharing your API key and ensuring you identify the source. Check the DigitalNZ API Terms of Use for more details on how the metadata can be used.

Read the Terms of Use